Compressed Air Filtration

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Compressed Air Dryers

For industrial applications, an air dryer is a convenient and cost effective means of ensuring that sensitive pneumatic equipment is never exposed to damaging moisture or other contaminants. An air dryer is even more important in larger industrial applications, where long air lines can result in a difference in temperature between the compressor and air tank, causing condensation and additional particulate build-up.

Air dryers are manufactured to remove, store and drain any moisture in the air line, and many are also designed to remove particulate at the sub-micron level. Most dryers fall into one of three categories: refrigerated, deliquescent or desiccant. Refrigerated dryers employ the use of heat exchangers to facilitate the drying process. Deliquescent dryer uses a replaceable hygroscopic media that either coalesces or absorbs water vapour, and all have ability to drain water using a manual or automatic drain valve. Finally, a desiccant dryer is a broad term to describe a process whereby air is passed through a media that attracts water vapour using adsorbtion. The desiccant can be regenerated to prolong the dryers life.

Our team can work with you to match a dryer that suits your application’s flow rate, contaminant level, and budget.


Construction Materials: Aluminum, Steel, PVC, Buna Seals, Glass, Brass Hardware
Sizing: ~9″ – 30″ in overall height
Inlets/Outlets: Inlet/Outlets from 1/4″ – 3″
Flow Rate: <20SCFM – >1200SCFM (based on 100psi inlet)
Available Options: Mounting Baskets, Replaceable o-rings, Replaceable Filter Elements, Replaceable Bowls



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