Air Filter Cleaning

Our air filter cleaning service can be an excellent alternative for costly replacement air filters. If an air filter’s replacement cost is in excess of $60, filter cleaning may be worthwhile.

All air filters begin with a life with less than 100% efficiency. Not until a porous cake of soot builds up on the filter media (“Precoat”) does the filter reach its maximum efficiency. After the first 15% of the useful life of a high quality air filter, it becomes virtually 100% efficient. Our cleaning process will preserve the “Precoat” on your filter, which means that a cleaned air filter is actually more efficient than a new filter.

Our Air Filter Cleaning Process:

  • Filters are first heated to >120 degrees Fahrenheit to remove any water or water vapour from the media or seals.
  • The filter is then spun at 6000rpm with dry air @ 60lbs/ft. This carefully selected air pressure has been tested and proven to remove debris without inflicting damage to the media, while a 25hp vacuum helps draw the removed debris out of the filter during the spinning process.
  • Air-flow tested to ensure no deterioration in flow rate.
  • Light inspected for pin holes or tears.

Advantages of our Process

  • We use a dry, mechanical cleaning process, using no liquids/chemicals that degrade the filter media and cause a loss of efficiency. Conversely, wet cleaning soaks the filter media causing swelling/warping of the media, and our testing reveals that the average efficiency reduction using wet cleaning is over 20%.
  • Each filter is thoroughly inspected before it is returned to service, this is done to ensure the customer that the filter is in the best possible working condition.
  • It’s guaranteed. Using our dry cleaning process, if a filter does not retain 98% of its original efficiency after cleaning, we consider it a failure, and you are not charged for the cleaning process.

Our cleaning process is applicable to air filters used in Industrial operations such as:

  • Industrial dust collection filters
  • Diesel engine air filters
  • Powder coating filters

Water Filter Cleaning

Most cleanable water filters are typically manufactured with stainless steel, and respond extremely well to our Ultrasonic Cleaning process.

Our Ultrasonic Cleaning Process:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning is the rapid removal of contaminants from objects by immersing them in a tank of liquid flooded with high frequency sound waves. These non-audible sound waves create a ‘scrubbing brush’ action within the liquid. This process is generated by a transducer, which converts electrical energy into sound waves – ultrasonic energy.
  • Ultrasonic energy enter the liquid and causes the rapid formation and collapse of minute bubbles; a phenomenon known as cavitation. The bubbles increase in size until they implode against the surface of the item (i.e. your filter) with an enormous energy release, lifting contamination off the surface and innermost recesses of intricately shaped parts.

Ultrasonic cleaning is used in a variety of industries for over 25 years, and it is particularly successful with certain water filters.

Contact us to determine if your filter is a candidate for these processes.

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