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Spill Response Kits

Be prepared for emergency spill response with an expertly designed spill kit – packaged with speed and cost in mind, our range of kits can accommodate any of your work-site requirements.

Our universal spill kits contain everything you require to clean up oil, solvents, coolants and water. An effective spill control strategy is essential for a safe work environment, and our universal kits are a must for environments working with a range of different fluids

Our oil spill kits contain all requirements necessary to effectively respond to an hydrocarbon-based fluid spill. These kits include not just sorbents, but also gloves, a guidebook and disposal bags.

Our chemical spill kits are similarly designed, with all the materials necessary to react quickly in the event of a Haz-Mat spill. Green in colour, the sorbent materials found in our aggressive liquid spill kits are designed to soak up oils, coolants, solvents, acids and most bases.

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Sorbent Media: polypropylene oil only, univeral, aggressive
Contents Can Contain: sorbents (pads, socks, pillows), granular, repair putty, disposal bag, nitrile gloves, goggles, emergency response guidebooktote (portable, stationary)
Sizing: From 19 liter (5 gallon) ‘cab’ spill kits to 600 liter (160 gallon) XL tote kits, customizable



General Industrial
Marine Environments

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