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Coalescing & Separating Cartridges

Les Hall Filter provides a wide range of liquid-to-liquid and liquid-to-gas coalescing and separating filter cartridges for all applications within the oil and gas manufacturing process. With our broad supply network, we can specify products from various manufacturers that specialize in oil and gas filtration, carefully selecting products based on your specific requirements. Coalescing and separating cartridges are used throughout the oil and gas supply chain, and we can work with your technical team to ensure that you have a filter that is perfectly suited to your operating conditions.

For most oil and gas processing applications, Les Hall Filter recommends a prefilter to minimize solids in the influent that can plug the coalescer, reducing overall system life and efficiency.  The prefilter ensures peak performance of the coalescing filter and a lower total cost of ownership.

Our high-efficiency coalescers merge small droplets of liquid into larger droplets as the fluid stream passes through several layers of filter media, each with progressively larger pores.  As droplets compete for the open pores, they coalesce into larger droplets prior to being pushed through the separator.

Once droplets are formed, they have to be separated.  In gas systems, we space the cartridges to control the exit velocity of the gas so that coalesced droplets are not entrained in this stream.  In liquid-to-liquid systems, depending on the the liquid to be separated, we will provide a separator cartridge which has repelling properties toward the coalesced liquids. This will ensure that the separation process is done so at peak efficiency, resulting in a downstream fluid that hit your exacting specifications.

With so many options available, our technical team can help identify parts in all three phase separation steps. The result will be boosted process efficiency, and ultimately, reduced operating and maintenance costs.


Micron Ratings:
Liquid to Gas Coalescing: 0.1 – 0.3
Liquid to Liquid Coalescing: 0.3 – 100
Media: Fiberglass, Pleated Glass, Pleated Glass & Cellulose, Pleated Polyester, Pleated Silicone treated Cellulose, Depth Glass.
End Cap Configuration:  Single or double open end, screw base or rod mounting
Construction Materials:  Steel and tin plated core and end-caps
Outer Diameter: 3.5″ – 6.0″
Inner Diameter: 2.0 – 4.0′
Length: 10″- 60″ (custom lengths also available)



Oil & Gas Refining
Low NOx Burners
Natural Gas
Pipeline Transportation
Water Separation from Hydrocarbons
Well Treating Chemicals
Organic Acids
Protecting Catalysts, Desiccants, and Absorbents
Removing Liquid Aerosols from Gases

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