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Sorbents: Pads, Rolls, Booms, Socks, Pillows

From the treatment of your incoming plant water through to the production of your final product, depth and pleated filter cartridges are used throughout the oil and gas manufacturing process to remove particulate/sediment. Depth filters are more economical but can only handle relatively low flow rates, while pleated cartridges provide higher dirt holding capacity with the capacity to handle much higher flow rates.

The need to remove particulate from all fluids and gases is imperative to the manufacturing process, as well as the maintenance of capital equipment. Sediment filters are typically used in the primary (first stage) of fluid streams to help protect the more expensive coalescing and separating cartridges.

The removal of particulate is particularly important in amine systems. For example, without proper filtration, the iron sulfide (FeS) in the rich amine stream can dissociate into soluble iron compounds within the re-generator. Additionally, particulate filtration is used to protect the bulk carbon beds, preventing particles from blocking the activated carbon. Lastly, filtration is used after the amine stream passes the activated carbon bed to remove harmful carbon fines, which can cause foaming, eventually plugging the heat exchanger.


Media: polypropylene oil only, univeral, aggressive
Media Weights: single, medium, heavy
Pads: 15″ x 18″
Rolls: 38″ x 144″
Boom: 5″ x 10′, 8″ x 10
Mini-boom: 5″ x 15″, 8″ x 18″
Socks: 3″ x 4′, 3″ x 8′
Pillows: 9″ x 9″, 18″ x 18″



General Industrial
Marine Environments

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