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Fuel & Hydraulic Oil Polishing Filter Carts

Portable filter carts provide all the features of stationary fuel/oil filtration housings, but in a convenient, portable assembly. Typically used by fuel polishing companies to clean diesel fuel from on-site fuel tanks, these carts are equipped with all required materials to effectively remove all contaminants from fuel, oils, kerosene, gasoline and other volatile fluids. We have in stock filters to fit all portable carts that can be used for sediment or water removal, or a combination of both.

Carts are available in a dolly-style configuration, on 4 wheels for stability or as a small hand-held units if space and weight is an issue. All carts will come equipped with an on-board pump powered with either D/C or A/C, providing all you need to perform effective filtration of fuel and oil, anywhere.


Construction Materials: Carbon Steel Pump and Housing, Aluminum Frame, PVC Components
24″x12″x18″ @ 75lbs for Hand-Held Assemblies
36″x24″x30″ @ 100lbs for Dolly’s/Carts
Inlets/Outlets: 1″ Standard Cam Lock Connections on most assemblies
Flow Rate: 15-25GPM
Available Options: Replacement Filters, Hoses, Power Cords, DP Gauge, Water Level Sight Glass



Offline Filtration
Fuel/Oil Transfer
Fuel Polishing
Flushing Machinery

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