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Paint Booth Filtration

Industrial and commercial paint booths have unique needs for air filtration. And among the products available for booth paper, intake air filtration and exhaust air filtration, there is tremendous variability in materials, quality, price and results.

Factors influencing product selection include the paint booth’s design (crossdraft vs. downdraft), dust load of incoming air, required efficiency of the filter (higher efficiency = cleaner air), target interval between filter change-outs, overall use and budget. As each paint booth is unique, our team works to ensure that the filter panels, pleats, pads, rolls, arrestor media, baffle boxes or paint pockets are specified to your environment, goals and budget.

Paint and Finishing Filters all fall within three general categories:

Booth Paper: Our paint booth paper (or floor lining) is produced from high grade, fire resistant kraft paper, that provides an idea surface for spray booths, welding areas or any rugged working environment. The product protects surfaces from various hazardous residues, it accommodates all paint spray applications, and is easily cut and trimmed to fit any floor or wall shape.

Intake Air Filtration: The range of products used for intake air filtration in paint booth is almost as varied as most HVAC applications. Standard pleated air filters, panels, mini pleats, pocket filters and custom media pads and rolls are all used, and are specified based on the unique requirements of each paint booth.

Exhaust Air Filtration: Most commonly referred to as paint arrestors, exhaust air filtration is designed to efficiently catch paint overspray. Product range includes polyester, fiberglass and paper paint arrestor media, dual stage medias, paint pocket filters and baffle style box filters.


Efficiency: Various – depending on specific product selected
Media: Fiberglass, Polyester, Multi-Layer Synthetic, Industrial Kraft Paper
Construction Materials: Various – depending on specific product selected
Flow Rate: n/a
Sizes: Various – depending on specific product selected



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