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Residential Reverse-Osmosis Systems

Residential RO (Reverse Osmosis) systems are designed to operate as an all-in-one drinking water filtration solution that can be used in both residential and light commercial applications. Most RO systems include, at a minimum, 3-stages of filtration: a sediment prefilter, a carbon filter to remove chlorine, and a reverse-osmosis membrane to remove sub-micronic particles. The end result is crystal clear, tasteless, odourless water that can be used as source feed for cooking, ice-makers, vending machines, coffee machines or as pure drinking water.

Many reverse osmosis systems are NSF certified to reduce salts, cysts and all tastes and odours, and multiple flow rates are available to fit any residential or light commercial application. Systems are conveniently sized for easy installation, include a water tank to ensure that clean water is always available, and feature auto shut-off valves to conserve water when not in use.


Micron Ratings: 0.01 – 10 micron particulate removal, removal of all
Media: Polypropylene, Pleated carbon media, Polyester, Cellulose, Thin Film Membrane
Flow Rate & Pressure Range:  Up to 50 GPD (gallons for day) for most residential units, up to 100psi
Temperature Rating:  40°F-100°F (4.4-37.8°C)
System: up to 12″W x 6″D x 16″H
Tank: 13 1/2″W x 9″ D x 9″ H



Point of Use Drinking Water
Undersink Drinking Water
Cooking and Icemakers
Vending MachinesCoffee Machines